(Website) Construction Ahead

by Max Mannix June 25, 2019 2 min read

(Website) Construction Ahead

We've recently implemented a few upgrades to the Modest Mounts website including an entirely new look and feel as well as some new features to help you find the item/s you need.

If you'd shopped with us before, you may remember our plain and simple looking interface. Everything probably looked a little amateur on first glance and one may have even spotted the odd spelling error in a product's description, a page title or a blog post. If you put up with us despite this, we thank you. It wasn't good enough, and we agree!

The truth is, we never backed ourselves as designers... but we certainly backed ourselves in 1. Customer service, 2. Pricing, and 3. Delivery. The first being excellent, the second being low, and the third being fast!

As we continue working on upgrades to the website, our goal is to improve the overall browsing experience for you. Our Search bar now attempts to predict what product you're looking for as you type. This is very handy as the many names/SKUs for different RAM Mounts can get a little overwhelming (ie. RAM-B-201U-A or the RAM-B-316-1-30-238U)

Product descriptions are being updated each day to ensure relevant information is presented and that potential product questions are answered. This is expected to continue for most of June and July. Of course, should you have any questions still, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Tips and Ideas for mounting solutions are being discussed in various blog posts so be sure to check them out:
ie. 4 RAM Mounts Every Photographer Should Have and Backseat Entertainment: Headrest Tablet Mount

And if you're unsure what mount will suit your device, or the vehicle or application you have in mind, our Guide is still super helpful!

So, for those who've shopped with us since before we made any of these changes, and for those who are just finding us now, thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the overall experience for all visitors to ModestMounts.com.au. Sing out if you need anything!

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