RAM Mount® Weight Capacity: Which Ball Mount Do I Need?

July 19, 2019 1 min read

RAM Mounts Weight Capacity

RAM Mounts Weight Capacity

RAM Mounts are able to support a multitude of different weights in a number of different situations and applications. Each Ball/Socket size (from A - E) accommodates a different weight capacity. Virtually all popular mounts require either a B-Size, C-Size, or D-Size ball and socket solution.

So, which ball mount do I need?

Below, the weight capacities for each popular ball mount are outlined.

Ball Size Ball Diameter Weight Capacity * Components
B 1"

2 lbs / 0.9 kg
or up to 5 lbs in light applications

B Size Components
C 1 1/2" 4 lbs / 1.85kg
or up to 10 lbs in light applications
Size Components
D 2 1/4" 6 / 2.75 kg

or up to 15 lbs in light applications

D Size Components

*Note: Be aware, the maximum weights displayed above are simply a guide. Different applications and environments will affect these limits.
When in doubt, it's usually best to go up one ball size.

Should you require an A or E size ball and socket solution, please contact us.

The videos below also help to explain the different applications suited for each ball and socket mount.