The Best RAM® Mounts for Off-Road

by Max Mannix September 21, 2021 1 min read

The Best RAM® Mounts for Off-Road

Watch the video below as the RAM manufacturing team demonstrate the best mounting solutions for off-road driving and other activities. See below for links to the products mentioned available here on our Australian store. 

With our interchangeable mounts, you have multiple options for securing your phone, camera, tablet and other devices while keeping them accessible and secure.

Products Mentioned:

Windshield Mounts (0:19)

RAM-B-224-1U - Single Suction Cup Base

RAM-B-189BU - Double Suction Cup Base

RAP-365-224-1BU - Triple Suction Cup Base

(RAM-B-202U or RAM-202U for attaching a ball)

Cup Holder Mounts (0:45)

RAP-B-299-4U - Stubby Cup Holder Base

RAM-B-201U-C - Long B-Size Arm (light devices)

Grab Handle & Rail Mounts (1:30)

Tough-Claws - RAM Tough Claws & Clamps

RAM-201U-B - Short C-Size Arm (rugged)

Tab-Tite Range - Tablet Mounts

Roll Bar Mounts (2:10)

Tough-Claws - RAM Tough Claws & Clamps

Tab-Lock Range - Tablet Mounts

Hose Strap Bases (5:27)

Straps & Clamp Bases - Clamp Bases

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