How to Keep Your Favourite Devices Safe and Secure with RAM® Motorcycle Mounts

by Max Mannix October 25, 2019 4 min read

How to Keep Your Favourite Devices Safe and Secure with RAM® Motorcycle Mounts

Motorcycle ownership in Australia is on the rise. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS),  motorcycles now represent over 4 percent of vehicles on the road. Whether you choose to ride a motorcycle to help reduce congestion or simply to connect with nature, you would likely agree that it is important to keep your favourite devices safe and secure while you are on the road.  

The good news is that there is a simple, affordable means of keeping your smartphone, camera, and other key devices secured and within convenient reach on your motorcycle. As the world's most reliable provider of motorcycle mounts, Modest Mounts offers an impressive array of motorcycle mounts that are designed to withstand regular exposure to the elements. Below is a look at some of the ways that RAM® Motorcycle Mounts can enhance your next motorcycle ride.  

What are some popular devices RAM Mounts can attach to your motorcycle?

No two motorcycle riders are exactly alike. Some prefer to travel with only a smartphone, while others never climb aboard their motorcycles without all of their favourite mobile devices. Here are some of the key devices that RAM® Mounts are designed to support on your bike.

1) Smartphone

If you're like 90% of Australians, then you own a smartphone. With the average smartphone costing over $200 and containing all of your key contact information, the last thing in the world you want is to lose your phone while you are on the road. The wide array of phone mounts for motorcycles are designed to prevent this from happening by keeping your phone securely fixed to your bike.

2) POV Camera

Many motorcycle enthusiasts simply love to experience the beauty of the outdoors during their rides. In fact, Australia is known for offering a host of  breathtaking motorcycle tours. Whether you are a touring enthusiast or like to be prepared to capture the sights of The Outback from a variety of different angles, a POV camera and  RAM® Mounts Small Tough-Claw Mount with GoPro Adapter can help you create lasting memories on your rides.

3) GPS Devices

Today's  top motorcycle GPS devices are lightweight, feature-rich, and intuitive. They can inform riders of upcoming fuel stations, speed limit reductions, and upcoming curves, promoting a smooth, safe ride. If you are among the growing number of motorcycle riders who depend on a GPS device, a  bike mount for your GPS is a must.  

4) Drink Cup Holders

Australia is known for its  heat waves, which can be hazardous to the health of motorcycle drivers who do not remain hydrated. Easy access to cool beverages is a must for motorcycle drivers, who can now keep their favourite drinks secured with a  RAM-B-132BU Drink Holder Mount. Drivers can use the mount to firmly secure cans, bottles, and mugs ranging from 2.5" to 3.5" in diameter.  

What are some of the top mounting solutions for motorcycles?

Keeping the products above secure while travelling is a shared priority for virtually everyone who drives a motorcycle. But drivers differ in terms of the size of devices they use and their preferred positioning of those devices. While some drivers prefer a simple  Handlebar Mount with Steel U-Bolt, others prefer a more sophisticated mount with a  Twist and Tilt Base. Here is a look at some of the top mounting solutions for today's motorcycles:

1) RAM Handlebar Mount with U-Bolt

The  Handlebar Mount with U-Bolt is RAM's most popular mounting option. It is available in multiple sizes and can accommodate rail diameters of 3/4" to 1 and 1/4". Users can choose from a zinc or stainless steel finish to suit their cosmetic preferences.  
RAM® U-Bolt Handlebar Mount

2) RAM Brake/Clutch Reservoir Mount

RAM® Mounts offers a variety of other motorcycle phone mounts, such as the  RAM® Motorcycle Combo Base with 1" Ball. This option attaches to the two factory bolts on your motorcycle brake/clutch reservoir bracket. Alternate versions are available that have an extra ball that permit drivers to attach their camera to one ball and smartphone to another.
RAM Motorcycle Brake/Clutch U-Bolt Mount (RAM-B-174U)

3) RAM Mounts Fork Stem Mounts

Mounts such as the durable  RAM® Fork Stem Mount with X-Grip Phone Cradle are ideal for bikes with a centre fork stem hole. RAM's fork stem mounts offer superb holding power while the X-Grip design permits expansion and contraction to ensure that your phone fits perfectly into the cradle. Owners of larger smartphones may wish to try  RAM's fork stem mount with extra-large grip to accommodate their plus-size devices.  
RAM Fork Stem Motorcycle Mount

4) RAM Mounts Twist-N-Tilt Pivot Mount

RAM® Mounts  Twist and Tilt Base with 1" Ball adapts to your motorcycle's mirror base. In addition to being able to twist the ball 360 degrees, you can tilt the ball 180 degrees. Like many RAM® Mounts, this mount is made of marine-grade aluminium to maximise durability, while the patented rubber ball minimises shock and vibration during your ride.  
RAM twist n tilt mount

5) Threaded Ball Adapters

A threaded ball adaptor is a viable solution for motorcycle owners who do not use their mirrors. Drivers can choose from a variety of pitches to accommodate their bike's specific needs and then simply install the threaded adaptor into their motorcycle mirror hole.  
RAM Motorcycle Screw Mounts

6) Customisable Solutions

In addition to the options outlined above, Modest Mounts offers an extensive range of universal mounting components that you can configure to create your own  customised mounting solution. If you would like professional guidance as you design your own personalised mounting kit, you can  contact the team of mounting experts with RAM® Mounts. They can suggest the combination of components that will help you achieve your desired vision.  

Visit to View Our Complete Line of Motorcycle Mounts

Whether you are seeking a simple handlebar clamp mount to attach your drink cup holder or you would like to build your own customised mounting kit, RAM® Mounts offers an extensive selection of mounting solutions to enhance your ride. More importantly, the Modest Mounts team has the industry expertise to guide you in your purchasing decision. We invite you to contact us at Modest Mounts to discover why motorcycle aficionados across Australia are turning to us to provide the durable mounting solutions they are seeking. We look forward to becoming your trusted solution for vehicle device mounts!  

RAM Gas Tank Mount Base - Motorcycle

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