RAM® Mounts - Australian Warranty

In the unfortunate (and rare!) circumstance where your RAM Mount breaks under normal use (and it is not from physical damage), we offer the following:

  • Lifetime Warranty on all standard components and parts (ie. clamps, arms, sockets, and non-electronic cradles and holders, etc) if an item fails due to a manufacturing defect or fault in quality.
    Some items are considered general wear-and-tear items and are thus not covered by a lifetime warranty, for example rubber cradle tethers, rubber tips for X-Grip cradle, suction cups, foam pads, rubber feet etc.
  • Two Years Warranty on all items containing electronic parts, or chargers

To make a claim, please email us a photo of your broken part and we will endeavor to replace it as soon as possible from our local stock. In some situations, we may request the broken items to be returned to us first for further analysis. 

When in doubt, contact us

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