5 Accessories That Will Let You Film Like A Pro While You Drive

by Max Mannix April 22, 2020 4 min read

5 Accessories That Will Let You Film Like A Pro While You Drive

Anyone who is into filming can attest that filming is an expensive hobby and profession. Photographers and videographers spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on photographic equipment. As such, you should not look for crappy, cheap mounts to mount equipment that cost you a pretty penny. 

Wondering which mounts are worth the money? Well, we have highlighted a variety of mounting accessories that are suitable for all of your live streaming and vlogging needs. Read on to learn about the various mounting options that present the best way to film while driving. But first:

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Camera Mount For Your Car

Before we look at individual accessories, let's dive into the world of car mounts and understand how they are made and what they can do. This will help when it comes to picking out a car mount that fits your unique needs. Here are the factors to consider when choosing a camera mount:

1. Type of footage

There are a variety of footages that you can shoot with a car mount. They include point-of-view footage that is shot with a car mount installed on the side of the car, wide-angle footage that is shot with a car mount installed on the top of the vehicle, and road footage that is shot with a car mount attached to the bumper. Depending on the type of footage you want, you should choose a car mount that is designed to install where you want to install it.

2. Weather

Your car mount will be exposed to different kinds of weather conditions. Therefore, you should choose a car mount that is built to withstand the weather conditions of your location. While simpler mounts might skimp on things like protection coatings, more sophisticated models come with shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof features, etc.

3. Speed

Another important consideration to make is how fast you will be driving. If you intend to use it on a high-speed racecourse, then your car mount should be strong. If you intend to film when driving slowly, then you won't need an incredibly strong car mount. Think of the wind resistance of your future trails and tracks, and ensure that your chosen car mount can handle it.

4. Weight

Weight is another important aspect of consideration when choosing a car mount. This is if you are searching for high-tech models that have features like extension arms and swivel joints. These additional features can increase the weight of the car mount, which will have an impact on how and where to install it.

5. Mounting method

This is perhaps the most important consideration of them all. How a car mount will attach to your vehicle is crucial, so it is important that you evaluate your options well. The most common mounting methods include suction, clamping, strapping, screwing, magnetizingand more. This brings us to the part that you've been waiting for.

If you're looking for car mount accessories that you can use to mount a camera on your vehicle, RAM offers a huge variety of solutions that are guaranteed to get you the best angles possible. At Modest Mounts, we offer a variety of mounting bases that connect to cameras via a mounting arm and a particular Camera Adapter. The following are the five options to consider:

1. RAM Suction Cup Mount w GoPro Adapter (RAM-B-166-GOP1U)

The RAM-B-166-GoP1U is built with the patented RAM rubber ball-and-socket system and suits all GoPro cameras. It features a 1-inch diameter rubber ball, one standard double socket clamp arm, and a 3.3-inch diameter suction cup twist-lock base. Read: Comparison: GoPro® VS RAM® - Suction Cup Mounting Systems

RAM suction cup mount with gopro adapter product photo

2. RAM Garmin VIRB Camera Adapter with 1-Inch Ball (RAM-B-202U-GA63)

The RAM-B-202U-GA63 is built with the patented rubber ball design that dampens vibrations and shock. It features a 1-inch diameter rubber ball, which is attached to a custom Garmin VIRB™ camera adapter. The adapter connects directly to the base of the camera, substituting the factory mounting bracket.

3. RAM Small Tough-Claw™ Mount w GoPro Adapter (RAP-B-400-GOP1U)

The RAP-B-400-GOP1U is another excellent option that can allow you to mount your camera safely on your vehicle by way of clamping to a circular or square rail/bar. It comes with a small Tough-Claw base, double socket arm, and a 1-inch diameter rubber ball with custom GoPro®/Action Camera adapter.

4. RAM Double Ball Mount with Camera Thread (RAM-101AU) - For DSLRs, etc

Featuring the RAM Mount's trademarked design, the RAM-101AU comes with shock and vibration dampening properties that help to prolong the life of your camera. This RAM mount is a drill-down solution, comes with a 1.5-inch diameter rubber ball, a double socket arm mount, and a 2.5-inch diameter base. This RAM mount is compatible with any camera that has a ¼-inch-20 Female Threaded Hole.

RAM double ball mount with camera thread product photo

5. RAM Triple Suction Cup Base (RAP-365-224-1BU)

If you have a larger/heavier camera, you should look for a piece of heavier-duty equipment like the RAP-365-224-1BU that features three locking suction cups that are attached together to form an amazingly strong suction mount. The strong suction is especially ideal when filming on roads, e.g. rough roads, that present a challenge. This RAM mount is a base component and can be attached to other RAM mounting components to complete your custom camera setup.
Pictured below is the RAP-365-224-1BU + the RAM-101AU

triple suction ram mount with camera dslr adapter

Get Your Car Mount Accessories from Modest Mounts

If you're dreaming of letting the camera roll as you lounge in your driver's seat with the wind rippling through your hair, you're going to need a solid camera car mount to get the job done. More importantly, you will be able to adhere to one of the most important driving laws in Australia - keeping both hands on the wheel at all times.

At Modest Mounts, we have a huge variety of mounting bases to choose from, including the five mentioned above. As a dedicated Australian company, we are focused on providing the best accessories for Australians who film while they drive.

Contact us for any help choosing the right products for your shoot.

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DSLR Adapter - RAM Mounts Camera

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