4 RAM® Mounts Every Photographer Should Have

by Max Mannix April 14, 2019 2 min read

4 RAM® Mounts Every Photographer Should Have

You may be familiar with RAM Mounts and their suitability for improving your car setup, motorcycle setup and more - but did you know how they can be used to enhance your photography setup? RAM make thousands of different components, and over time we’ve seen many photographers, camera-operators and more from the entertainment industry develop an array of different creative uses for DSLR, mirrorless, and action cameras (such as the GoPro).

Below are 4 RAM Mounts that each and every photographer should put in their camera bag.

Make Your DSLR Camera compatible with RAM Mounts with: 1/4″ Adapters

1/4"-20 RAM® Ball Adapter

Looking at you, Canon, Nikon, or Sony camera operators.
Most modern DSLR cameras include a 1/4″ thread connection, and with one of our RAM 1/4" Threaded Camera Adapters (below) you can make your DSLR compatible with a wide range of RAM Mounts and components.

For smaller cameras, the B size option will suit you fine. However if your camera is a little on the heavier side, or if you're using it in more demanding circumstances – consider the C size option.

The Reliable and Versatile Travel Companion: The RAM Tough-Claw

RAM Mounts Tough-Claw clamping mount
Despite already being popular with motorcycles, ATVs, forklifts and wheelchairs - the RAM Tough-Claw is a perfect travel companion for photographers. 

Ever found yourself without a tripod? Well, we're sure you have. Anyway, when you're just needing that extra stability for your camera, simply use one of these Tough-Claw clamping mounts.
Just twisting the knob will ensure your grip is tight, whether on round, square, or oddly-shaped rails and bars. The RAM Tough-Claw is sold in small, medium, and large versions, and with various size ball adapters.

For action camera users, our 14" or 24" poles can create more interesting perspectives in nearly any use case.

Wildlife Lighting, Camera Mounts: The RAM Tough-Tap

Thinking of going bush? Then you'll want to bring the RAMTough-Tap mount. Whether it's mounting your Phone, GoPro or other camera to a tree (to catch yourself some footage of Drop Bears or Bigfoot), or mounting your favourite lighting accessory while out in the forest (such as the Lumecube), the RAM Tough-Tap mount has you covered.

For nature and wildlife photographers - or even portrait photographers operating in a unique setting - this is an ideal solution for getting that perfect angle or unique lighting.

And don't worry - you're not going to hurt the tree. The screw attached is simply too small to leave any damage.

All You Need for Your GoPro / Action Camera

RAM Mounts universal action camera adapter on Thule canopy tracks
When it comes to action cameras, nothing accompanies them better than RAM Mounts and their vibration-dampening technology. You can achieve amazing camera angles and perspectives while getting minimal to zero shake, depending on the situation.

The RAM Action Camera adapter will allow you to utilise RAM arms, extensions, and a wide variety of mounting bases, such as the Suction Cup Range the RAM Tough-Claw.

So if you’re 4x4ing, mountain biking, piloting a plane, paddle boarding, fishing, there’s a RAM® mounting setup for you.

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