Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Modest Mounts

by Max Mannix March 16, 2020 2 min read

woolworths shopper panic coronavirus

Update: Business still running as usual! Staff working from home and maintaining social distancing.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) developments and concerns, many businesses around the world are being forced to react strongly. In Australia, retailers such as Woolworths and Coles are suffering from stock-shortages, manufacturing delays, and increased shopper-panic... 

However, for Modest Mounts, nothing has changed! It is business as usual!

  • All mounts on our website are in stock and ready to be dispatched today.
  • All domestic deliveries continue to move swiftly around the country.
  • Australia Post is encountering some delays to delivery schedules (read statement below)
  • If you have any questions about ordering, feel free to get in contact with us
RAM® Mount manufacturers continue to produce high-quality mounting solutions.

    Should anything change regarding the above, this page will be updated to reflect that.

    Statement from Australia Post - DELAYS (24/04/2020)

    "Important update to our services 

    At Australia Post, we’re working hard to deliver for our customers in these difficult times. We are however, experiencing significant delivery delays in our network due to limited flights, social distancing requirements and a substantial increase in parcel volumes as more people shop online. 

    These delays mean we are temporarily suspending the Express Post guarantee of next day delivery as we are unable to commit to this timeframe. Express Post is still available but parcels may not be delivered next business day every time. 

    We know you’re keener than ever to find out when you’ll receive your deliveries. You can track your delivery through parcel trackingthe chatbot and the MyPost App. We ask for your patience with our contact centre colleagues based here in Australia who are doing their best to keep up with the additional demand. 

    For all information about changes to service, up to date details on delays and impacts including any Post Office closures, please visit our website."

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