The Five Best Kayak Day Trips for Australian Anglers

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Ready to dust off that kayak and get out on the water? Whether you're looking for a day of lazy paddling along a scenic route, or you're searching for another excuse to break out the tackle box, Australia is loaded with beautiful kayaking destinations in every corner. Kayaks are a great option for anglers because they're quiet, which makes it easier to sneak up on the fish! Whether you're a seasoned angler or a newbie, there are plenty of new adventures and places to explore on your kayak day trips. With summer in full swing, now is a great time to get out and try out one of these five great day trips.

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On the shores of the Clarence River sits Yamba, a little town off the beaten path that's perfect for kayak day trips or even a weekend getaway. Fishing is a bustling business in this town of 6,000, and you'll enjoy its quaintness. The town has lots of charm but has all the needed amenities as well, and there's even a caravan park where you can rent a kayak. There are lots of lakes and channels that you can spend the day exploring. Many of them run for kilometres inland off the main river, which will provide more gentle waters for less experienced kayakers. And the Clarence River is loaded with all types of fish!

Some of the best fishing spots around Yamba include an area called Browns Rocks, which is well-known for its big bream. This spot can get busy because of how ideal it is, but there are other, quieter spots around. Lake Wooloweyah near Yamba is a great spot to visit after a downpour. There will be tons of both flathead and bream. The Harwood Island Creeks are three creeks located on the western bank near the Harwood Island Bridge. These creeks are shallow and narrow, which means that no fishing boats can get in there, which means kayak fishing is ideal. You'll be able to catch flathead, bream, and school mulloway during high tide.

The Grampians

If you're looking for tons of scenic beauty while you paddle along, the Grampians is a great choice. Nestled in the wilderness of a Victorian national park, the Grampians boasts more than 1600 square kilometers of preserved natural land. It's about a two and a half hour trip from Melbourne, but well worth the drive, as it's packed with great lakes for fishing. Be sure to get an early start, as many of the spots listed below are great for trout fishing. Trout love mudeyes, so be sure to stock up on them before you head out.

Lake Wartook is a man-made lake full of browns and rainbow trout, but you should be able to catch some pretty large redfin as well. Because it's relatively isolated, it's a peaceful lake with very few boats. It has a variety of environments from deep water to shallow weed beds, making it a great place to catch fish.

Lake Fyans is known throughout the region for trophy-sized brown and rainbow trout catches. Kayaks are great for fishing on Lake Fyans, and its natural beauty will have you already planning your next trip before you leave. This lake is particularly reliable as a fishing spot and will quickly become a favourite. 

The Grampians has even more great areas you can check out and explore. 

Clyde River

Clyde River National Park is full of great places to kayak and fish. Chock-full of flathead, this spot might be a better target for cooler months. Bream, tailor, and mulloway are harder to catch, and some spots on the Clyde River can get crowded with other boats and anglers. Chinaman's Point is a great place to get started and the waters of the Clyde are often smooth and calm. This means it's a perfect spot for novice kayak anglers to learn the ropes and hone their skills. 

For more experienced anglers with a lot of patience, this is a favourite spot to catch elusive mulloway. There are lots of smaller tributaries to explore, and you'll want to return to see more. And don't forget about the oysters. There are plenty available to take home to accompany your flathead dinner!

Rottnest Island

Situated in the Indian Ocean, Rottnest Island is a great place to paddle around. The seagrass meadows around this island are home to many juvenile fish species, and you can expect to find tons of cobblers and flatheads. During certain times, migratory fish species that you can catch around the island include the Australian herring, skipjack trevally, and sea garfish. The clear waters of the Indian Ocean make for great kayak day trips. For the most part, paddling is usually easy to modest, and the crystal-clear water will refresh and replenish you. 

Moreton Bay Islands

Right off the coast of Brisbane lie the Moreton Bay Islands. The islands and their surrounding waters are full of amazing birds and sea life. Some parts of the bay are accessible only by kayak, which means you have a unique opportunity to catch lots of great fish. 

The bay itself is pretty shallow, with an average depth of only 1.8 metres. You'll be able to target bream, flathead, sweetlip, tailor, and snapper. A little harder to catch are tuna, mackerel, cod, and cobia. No matter what time of year you visit the Moreton Bay Islands, you'll be sure to have a great catch, as many fish are found in abundance year-round. 

Time to Explore!

Start planning your kayak day trips and reconnect with nature! Your ultimate adventure awaits, even if it's just a quick getaway. No matter where you're headed, it's never a bad idea to carry some great tech with you. Whether you're using a fish finder to locate your perfect catch, or a chart plotter to find your way around safely, Modest Mounts's marine mounts can keep your devices safely secured to your kayak. That way, they're easier to use so you can focus more on the fish and the beautiful sights and sounds that surround you. Contact us before heading out on your next trip.

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