How To Mount your Phone or Small Tablet to your Cup Holder

How To Mount your Phone or Small Tablet to your Cup Holder

Cup Holder Mounting Guide

So you're thinking of mounting your phone or tablet to the inside your vehicle's cup holder? Well then, this quick guide will assist you in selecting the most suitable products for the application. 

Selecting the wrong components could leave you with a wonky device - or worse, one that falls off during your road trip or off-road adventure. No one wants their tablet sliding under the seat out of view (or under the pedals!)

Follow this guide and your phone or tablet is guaranteed to stay put.

Step 1: Measure the diameter of your Cup Holder

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If your vehicle's cup holder measures between 2.57"to 3.5" in diameter, then the RAM cup holder mount will be compatible with your vehicle.


Step 2: Measure your Device

Check the cradle dimensions below for each RAM X-Grip cradle. The appropriate cradle selection will depend on the size of your device. Once you've determined the correct cradle, proceed to step 3. 

For Normal Phones

RAM X-Grip Universal Phone Holder (RAM-HOL-UN7BU)-Modest Mounts

(ie. iPhone 6s, 7, 8, etc; Samsung Galaxy & More)
Cradle Dimensions:
Minimum Width =
1.875" (Minimum Height = 4.25")
Maximum Width =
3.25" (Minimum Height = 2.25")
Depth =

un7 animation

For Large Phones

RAM Large X-Grip Phone Holder (RAM-HOL-UN10BU)-Modest Mounts

(ie. iPhone PLUS, Samsung Note, etc)
RAM-HOL-UN10BU Cradle Dimensions:

Minimum Width = 1.75" (Minimum Height = 5.5")
Maximum Width = 4.5" (Minimum Height = 3.25")
Depth = 0.875"

un10 animation 

For Small Tablets

RAM X-Grip® Small Tablet Holder w 1" Ball (RAM-HOL-UN8BU)-Modest Mounts

(ie. iPad Mini, Samsung Tab A 8.0 and more)
RAM-HOL-UN8BU Cradle Dimensions:
Minimum Width = 2.5" (Minimum Height = 7")
Maximum Width = 5.75" (Minimum Height = 4")
Depth = 0.875" 

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Step 3: Build Your Mount

In order to mount a phone or tablet inside your cup holder, you're going to need three different components: 
a base,
an arm,
and an X-Grip cradle.

Step 3A: Select a Base
Step 3B: Select an Arm (Your choice of length)
Step 3C: Select an X-Grip Cradle (refer to Step 2 for dimensions)

Once you have selected the appropriate three components (a base, an arm, and a cradle) you've finished building your mount!

Note: If your device does not fit within the dimensions listed above, please contact us and we'll help you select the right products!

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