RAM Mounts®: Life Hacks to Improve Your Home Space

April 01, 2019 1 min read

RAM Mounts: Life Hacks to Improve Your Home Space-Modest Mounts

RAM Life Hacks: Working From Home

RAM Mounts offer a variety of mounting solutions ideal for the home. These setups are suitable for cooking, blogging, vlogging, or even just improving, simplifying, decluttering and/or organising your living space.  

Regardless of the device you’re trying to mount (phone, tablet, camera, laptop, etc), the RAM® ball and socket system provides near-infinite adjustability so you can achieve the perfect angle. 

Under Cabinet Mounts

RAM Mounts X-Grip under cabinet mount

Take your meal preparation to the next level whether you’re following a recipe, watching a cooking video, or recording your next vlog.

RAM Mounts allow you to keep your device secure and accessible with their Tough-Track range. 

Using a wide variety of compatible track bases, you can seamlessly mount your phone, tablet, camera or other device to the underside of your cabinet. This is an ideal solution for the home chef as it allows you to view recipes or cooking videos as you work away in the kitchen. The tough-track mounts also benefit the handymen and women of the home. Set up your 'How-To' video in front of you as you craft, build, repair, and tinker in the garage. 

(These mounting systems are available in both aluminium and composite versions)

Blogging and Vlogging Mounts

RAM Mounts kitchen blogging vlogging mount

RAM Mounts offer highly versatile and secure mounting solutions to YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, bloggers and vloggers alike.

Enhance your broadcasting setup with a wide variety of bases and device cradles from RAM® Mounts. In addition, you can swap out individual RAM components with others to truly customise your setup - unlike other mounts on the market.