How to Enhance Your Boating Experience with RAM® Mounts

by Max Mannix September 10, 2019 5 min read

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If you are like many of today's boating enthusiasts, you typically carry at least one electronic device with you on your boat. Whether you bring an action cam to capture underwater highlights or an iPad to check satellite images, your devices play a key role in enhancing your boating experience.

You can maximise the effectiveness of your devices by using a high-quality mounting solution to keep them safe and secure. As the world's most trusted provider of marine mounts, Modest Mounts offers a host of dependable options that are built to stand the test of time. Below is a look at some of the top ways that RAM® Mounts can transform your boating experience. 

What kind of devices do RAM® Mounts support?

RAM Mounts are available in a variety of different configurations to support your favourite mobile devices and fishing gear. Our product inventory extends far beyond our Light Speed Fishing Rod Holders to include innovative mounts for virtually any portable electronic device. Here are some of the various types of devices that you can support with RAM Mounts: 

1) Sonar units and Fishfinders

Fishfinders and sonar units continue to surge in popularity by providing anglers with a graphic representation of what is beneath their boats. They make it easier to identify fish and are available in different variations based on fishing environment.

RAM Mounts are available in a variety of robust models such as the RAM D-115, which features a ball-mount style designed to accommodate 9" to 12" fishfinders. RAM Mounts are even available in swing arm styles, such as the popular RAM-109VU, which has a 6" vertical swing arm designed to support your fishfinder.

2) iPads and Tablets

iPads and other tablets enable boaters to remain connected while enjoying a day on the water. In addition to tracking satellite images, you can use your iPad to conduct research, check your email, watch videos, and surf the net while you are relaxing on your boat.

Modest Mounts offers dozens of RAM Mounts designed to support your iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and more. Whether you are looking for a locking cradle for your iPad Air or a Tab-Tite style mount for your iPad Mini, we have you covered with some of the best iPad mounts available on the market.

Need help choosing the right tablet cradle? Contact and let us know the make and model of your iPad (ie. Apple iPad Air 2)

3) Action Cams / GoPros

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When you put your action cam to use on the water, one of your top goals is to secure the very best view possible. RAM Mounts enable you to capture the action from a variety of different angles while keeping your action camera safe and secure.

Whether you are on the back of your boat fishing with your friends, or on your boat's bow capturing the sights ahead, you can install a RAM Mount for your camera quickly and easily. One of our most popular options is our Ram GoPro Tough Claw Mount that will clamp securely on most boat rails from .625" to 1.5" in diameter. 

4) Cell phones 

Being prepared to respond to an emergency is important for fishermen and anyone else who is planning to spend the day on the water. For this reason, many water lovers never embark upon their water adventures without their cell phones.

The RAM Twist-Lock Suction Mount (RAM-B-166-UN7U) is one of RAM®'s most popular mounts as it utilises the famous X-Grip Phone holder and the incredibly strong RAM® suction base. Also available for larger, plus sized phones - the Twist-Lock Suction Mount allows you to attach your mobile phone to any flat non-porous surface (eg. boat wall, windscreen, etc). 

RAM®'s Aqua Box Pro-20 is designed with a water-resistant sealed enclosure to help you safely mount your smart phone or other small mobile devices to virtually any area of your boat. The Aqua Box Pro-20 includes a variety of accessories, including a case, safety lanyard, belt clip, and cradle. 

What are the top benefits offered by RAM® Mounts?

RAM Mounts offer an extensive range of convenient benefits for boaters. From impressive product versatility to a lifetime warranty, RAM Mounts are manufactured to help cost-conscious boaters protect their devices while being used or charged while on the water. Below are the top five benefits of Ram Mounts:

1) Flexible designs

RAM Mounts are available in a variety of designs that are fully adjustable. You can choose from styles with swing arms, adjustable clamps, flexible cradles a more. For example, you can select a mount with a 6" horizontal swing arm or a more traditional Ram Standard Socket Arm with a round drill-down base.  

2) Ease of positioning

In contrast to fixed mounts, which are not designed to be removed or relocated, RAM Mounts can be positioned close to the nearest USB port on your boat. This feature will help ensure that you keep your devices fully charged with ease. 

3) Affordability

The majority of Ram Mounts and accessories are priced well under $100 AUD, making it easy for virtually any boat or kayak owner to enjoy the convenience and security of a RAM Mount. In fact, the founder of Modest Mounts is proud to offer high quality options at a price point that is far more attractive than the competition:

"Simply put, I feel it's unfair that people believe that they have to pay ridiculous amounts for high-quality mounting solutions, whether it be for their phone, tablet, GPS device, laptop or other." - Max Mannix, Owner and Founder of Modest Mounts

4) Ability to produce the ideal action mount

Fixed mounting options can make it challenging to adjust a camera or other device to capture different angles. RAM Mounts helps boaters overcome these challenges by making it easy for users to easily pivot, move, or tilt your favourite device to capture the action for the ideal angle.  

5) A lifetime warranty

RAM Mounts are built to stand the test of time. In fact, many customers find that their RAM Mounts outlast their electronic devices. Our confidence in manufacturing capabilities is so high that we offer a lifetime warranty with our Ram Mounts. If a product component fails due to poor manufacturing or quality, RAM Mounts will repair your product or replace it free of charge.  

Contact Modest Mounts today to enjoy the benefits of RAM® Mounts

As outlined above, RAM® Mounts offer a host of benefits for people who love boating and technology. Whether you are looking for a simple means of mounting your cell phone under your boat console or seeking a mount that helps you produce great underwater release shots, RAM® Mounts has a variety of durable options for you to consider. 

We invite you to contact us at Modest Mounts to discover why we are Australia's most trusted provider of durable device mounting solutions. We offer professional support and guidance that is second to none, and are continually striving to improve our product lines. We look forward to becoming your single source for all of your device mounting needs!

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