Knock-Off RAM Mounts

June 15, 2018 1 min read

Knock-Off RAM Mounts-Modest Mounts

Avoiding RAM Mounts Knock-Offs

There are more than 5,500 components made by RAM Mounts. Individually, or in combination with each other, RAM Mounts employ clever, sturdy designs.

Despite all RAM products being trademarked, this hasn’t stopped other companies copying designs.

When you look at the knock-offs, you’ll find that most aren’t worth the money spent.

They are:

  1. Made from cheap materials – legitimate RAM Mounts will use stainless steel, marine-grade aluminium, and high-strength composite. These materials help to ensure durability and security, which the cheaper knock-offs can’t afford to use. Knock-offs simply do not last as long, and are far less secure in rough environments.
  2. Without a lifetime warranty – with the higher quality materials, RAM Mounts are designed to last a lifetime. That’s why you get a lifetime warranty. Knock-offs will last a year if you’re lucky and you won’t get the free replacement that RAM offers if something does happen.

There's a reason why RAM Mounts are the preferred choice for fire departments, police officers, military and government all over the world... because they’re the best.

Why would you opt for something less?