RAM POD 24" Vehicle Floor Mount (RAM-B-316-1-24-202U)

Ball-and-Socket Size Guide

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  • 1 x RAM POD 24" Vehicle Floor Mount (RAM-B-316-1-24-202U)

    The RAM-B-316-1-24-202U is a universal base from RAM that allows you to mount a light to medium weight item such as tablets, in a car safely and securely. No drilling required!

    The RAM-B-316-1-24-202U features the RAM POD universal No-Drill™ vehicle base, a 24” rigid aluminium rod, and a single B Size 1" ball socket arm and round base plate. 

    The base of the RAM-B-316-1-24-202U mount connects to your seat rail without any need for drilling. The 24" rigid aluminium rod can be bent and articulated to position your device to its optimum viewing location. The 2.5" diameter round base adapter contains the universal AMPS hole pattern. For proper fit, make sure your vehicle has an appropriate bolt to mount the base securely.

    • Material: High Strength Composite and Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium
    • Ball Size: 1" Rubber "B" Ball Size

    For heavier devices (eg. laptop), we recommend the POD HD series or the RAM-316-3-202U, consisting of 3 rods instead of 1.

    The video below shows the 18" vehicle floor mount. This is the 24" model.