RAM 12" Vertical Swing Arm for Fishfinders (RAM-109V-1U)

Size Guide


  • 1 x RAM 12" Vertical Swing Arm for Fishfinders (RAM-109V-1U)

    The RAM-109V-1U mount features two 6" long BENT swing arms mounted on a vertical surface mounting base. Overall length of 12". At the end of the device mount is a rectangular 6.25 x 2" rectangular top base. The pivoting points of the mount allow a complete 360 degree rotation.

    • Dimensions:
      Overall Height: 11.58"
      Total Swing Arm Length: 12"
    • Plate Size
      Top Plate:
      6.25" x 2"
      Bottom Plate:
      3.97" x 4.85"

    • Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum
    • Weight Capacity: Up to 8 lbs (3.7kg)
    • Weight: 3.71 lbs.
    Note: The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. The included plate is a universal mounting bracket with a selection of mounting hole locations. For some applications, additional holes may need to be drilled for a better fit with your electronic device.

      Plate Hole Patterns

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