RAM 12" Tough-Track for 1.75-2" Rails (RAP-TRACK-B12HU)

Size Guide


  • 1 x RAM 12" Tough-Track for 1.75-2" Rails (RAP-TRACK-B12HU)

    The RAM® 12" Tough-Track for 1.75-2" tubes, bars, and rails, provides an ideal track mounting surface compatible with a wide range of RAM® Track Ball mounts and components.

    This 12” RAM® Tough-Track features a two-hole AMPS hole pattern on the side for attaching a RAM® diamond base (RAM-B-238U). All necessary U-bolt hardware is included to attach the RAM® Tough-Track to 1 ¾” and 2” tubes, bars, and rails. Hardware for attaching to a 2 ¼” or 2 5/8” tube, bar, or rail is available separately. Other options for attaching to irregular shaped rails include RAM® strap clamp mounts. 


    PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Inside Track Length: 9"

    CLAMP RANGE:1.75" - 2" diameter

    MATERIALS: High strength composite


    (2) 1/4"-20 x 2.75" U-Bolts
    (2) 1/4"-20 x 3.06" U-Bolts
    (4) #12 Stainless Steel Flat Washers
    (4) 1/4"-20 Nylock Nuts
    (4) Rubber Caps