RAM Double Socket Swivel Arm C Size (RAP-200-2U)

Ball-and-Socket Size Guide


  • 1 x RAM Double Socket Swivel Arm C Size (RAP-200-2U)

The RAP-200-2U consists of double 1.5" diameter open ball sockets with a 360° rotation point at the centre and a connecting swivel joint that rotates forward and back 180°.

The rubber ball and socket at either end and the central pivot point allows for incredible adjustability. The RAM ball sockets maximise ball coverage for optimal fit.


This mount will connect to any other RAM mount with a 1.5" (C Sized) ball

  • Material: High Strength Composite 
  • Ball Size: C Size 1.5" Rubber Ball 

Note: The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag.