RAM Handlebar Mount (RAM-B-149Z-UN10U) Motorcycle X-Grip iPhone 7 8 PLUS

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Attach your large phone to your handlebars with the RAM-B-149Z-UN10U
(or any other bar that is between 0.50" and 1.25" (1.27cm and 3.17cm) in diameter).

Comes with a zinc coated u-bolt base, a double socket arm and universal X-Grip phone cradle IV (for large phones such as iPhone 6 or PLUS).

The base includes black cover caps that are placed over the exposed ends of the u-bolt, and 1" socket arm system allows for adjustment at both ends, allowing for almost infinite viewing angles.

RAM Motorcycle Mount Universal X-grip for Large phones with U-Bolt base

The Handlebar Rail Mount consists of the following RAM (B Size) components:

  • 1 x RAM Universal X-Grip® Large Phone/Phablet Cradle
  • 1 x Double Clamp Arm (RAM-B-201U. Length: 9cm)
  • 1 x U-Bolt Rail Base

Compatible Devices & Models

  • iPhone 6+ 7+ 8+ Plus range
  • Samsung GALAXY Note and Note 2, 3, 4 & 5 models
  • Samsung GALAXY Mega 5.8 & 6.3 and Galaxy PLUS
  • HTC Desire 816
  • Nokia Lumia 920

Not suitable for iPhone 6 or some Samsung series. Please see our listing for the UN7BU (Smaller X-Grip) option.

RAM Universal X-Grip® Large Phone/Phablet Cradle

The Univeral X-grip has a clean and clever four leg design that sports great holding power.

The perfect compliment to the modern sleek interior of today's vehicles, the X-Grip® IV is the phablet cradle evolved.

Compatible and interchangeable with a wide range of popular RAM Mounting products.

The X-Grip® includes a device tether recommended for outdoor applications.

The cradle is compatible with handheld devices that will fit the dimensions listed below. It is important to verify the dimensions of your handheld device with a case/sleeve/skin when determining the overall size.

Cradle Dimensions

  • Minimum Width = 1.75" (Minimum Height = 5.5")
  • Maximum Width = 4.5" (Minimum Height = 3.25")
  • Depth = 0.875"

May not be suitable for some other iPhone models or devices - please check dimensions first.

RAM U-Bolt Rail Base

The RAM motorcycle handlebar base contains a 1" rubber ball designed to sit at right angles to the mounting rail.

The Zinc coated metal u-bolt accommodates rails in diameter from 1.27cm (0.5") to 3.18cm (1.25") in diameter.

Included are black cover caps to be placed over the exposed ends of the u-bolt and a composite adapter that can narrow the rail to a minimum width of 0.5".

* Device shown for illustration purposes only and is not included in purchase.

Also includes a RAM-HOL-UN10TU, a RAM Tether for UN10 X-Grip Holders.

Note: The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. 

RAM X-Grip® User Guide
Lifetime warranty