RAM C Size 1.5" Ball Marine Electronic Mount For Lowrance Elite-5, Mark-5, Hook-5 & Elite 7 Ti Fishfinders (RAM-101-LO11)

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This mount is for heavier Lowrance fishfinders such as the Elite-5, Mark-5 and Hook-5. It consists of a 2.5" diameter round base that contains the universal AMPS hole pattern, a double socket arm, and an adapter base that inserts directly to the back of the fishfinder unit.

The adapter serves as a quick release mechanism, allowing you to remove or transfer your Fishfinder in seconds. 


  • Overall Height: 7.35" (186.7mm)
  • Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium
  • Ball Size: 1.5" Rubber Ball Size

Note: RAM recommends this mount for "Rugged Use" mounting applications, including heavy weight Lowrance Elite and Mark Fishfinders.