How to Mount Your iPad 7th Generation (10.2")

by Max Mannix November 15, 2019 2 min read

How to Mount Your New 7th Gen iPad (10.2") | Modest Mounts

The newest 10.2" iPad is here and (you guessed it) RAM® Mounts already has a number of holders that are compatible so you can keep your 7th generation iPad secured anywhere from your kitchen to your vehicle.

If you already own an existing RAM® setup then you can simply upgrade it with one of the compatible iPad (7th Gen) cradles below. Otherwise, if you’re new to the RAM® Mounts system, know that all of these cradles can be connected to a wide range of RAM® components, double socket arms, and ball bases. You can mix various parts together in order to create your ideal mounting solution.

If you're yet to try it out, the RAM® Mount Builder is a great tool developed by RAM® themselves that'll allow you to generate suggestions for the perfect mounting solution for your application. To learn more about the Mount Builder, read our guide.

RAM® Mounts Tablet Holders for
iPad (7th Generation)

RAM-HOL-AP31U - RAM Cradle for iPad 7th Generation without Case - EZ Roll'r Cradle

RAM EZ-Roll'r Cradle (RAM-HOL-AP31U)
for iPad 7th Gen WITHOUT CASE

Built specifically for the iPad 7, this cradle keeps your device secure (and apple pencil) while leaving the entire screen free from obstructions.

RAM EZ-Roll'r Cradle for iPad 7th Gen (RAM-HOL-AP31U)



RAM® X-Grip® Tablet Holder


The most popular, spring-loaded universal tablet holder for 9″-10″ tablets with or without cases

Versatile cradle suits a wide number of tablets including the iPad (Gen 7). Easy access grip knobs on back of holder allow for quick release of your iPad

RAM® X-Grip® for iPad (7th Generation)


For iPad (7th Gen) with Case

RAM-HOL-TAB20U (RAM® Tab-Tite™)

RAM-HOL-TABL20U (RAM® Tab-Lock™)

Spring-loaded backplate for easy in-and-out install and remove.

There is also a locking version for theft deterrence

RAM® Tab-Tite™ for iPad (7th Gen) with Case

RAM® Tab-Lock™ for iPad (7th Gen) with Case


For iPad (7th Gen) without Case

RAM-HOL-TAB26U (RAM® Tab-Tite™)

RAM-HOL-TABL26U (RAM® Tab-Lock™)

Spring-loaded backplate for easy in-and-out install and remove.

RAM® Tab-Tite™ for iPad (7th Gen) without Case


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